Jun 11, 2011

Status Update

Right, I haven't written in a while.. not that I wrote things about myself, so this will be a first.
Why was this big gap between this and the previous post? well a couple of things:

-I wasn't in mood a.k.a I'm lazy
-I was working from 25th October last year (this is the official reason) (three shifts)

I'm saying "was" because they haven't extended my contract last month.. so I'm currently jobless..
Unfortunately in this area lacks many job opportunities... so it will be quiet hard to find one.. and without experience no one hires.. I thought about a job abroad but you need some money to travel and for stuff.. of course I haven't got no savings.. because the salary was quite bad (really bad, still I hope it was more than in china for the "working" people). (you are welcome to donate)

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