Dec 8, 2010

Street View in Romania

Street View in Romania: "
Bram Stoker’s world famous novel Dracula was believed to have been inspired by fifteenth century Wallachian Prince, Vlad Dracul from Romania (better known to many as Vlad the Impaler). The legend of the vampire is still deeply rooted in Transylvanian culture today, and tourists from across the world come to explore the history and mystery of the many beautiful castles that can be found here.

But of course those aren’t all the sights Romania has to offer, and now you can see for yourself, because today we’re making 360-degree Street View imagery available in Romania for several cities and roads.

From your virtual vantage point, you can now take a look over the bridge onto Lacul Vidraru (Vidraru Lake). This is the starting point of the most beautiful road in Romania, the Transfăgărășan mountain pass, which at its highest point reaches 2,034 meters above sea level:

Or check out the summer residence of Romanian Kings, Castelul Peleș (Peleș Castle):

It’s not just Paris that has an Arc de Triomphe. You can whizz round the Romanian
Arcul de Triumf in the capital Bucharest:

And here’s our parliamentary palace, Palatul Parlamentului (Parliament Palace):

There’s heaps to explore but I’ll leave you with one final tip, and that’s to visit
Vatra Ardealului, my favorite cofee shop in Brasov, which you can see below:

Welcome to Romania and enjoy your virtual exploration!

Posted by Octavian Iercan, Operations Lead, Street View Europe


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