Dec 8, 2012

Growin' Up

Since I had my first computer I was a linux user too, mainly because it was too bad for playing games, of course that doesn't meant that I wasn't playing games even if it meant I had to play on low FPS, with time going by games became more and more resource hungry, so I basically switched to linux(opensolaris) mode, with the hope that sometime I (we) will able to play decent games on linux. When I got my new computer it was straightforward what OS to install so I could play the games the most I like and try new ones, but I stuck with Valve games and occasionally some NFS. Strangely with Steam coming to linux I don't feel the urge to install linux.. I'm trying to figure out why that is.. (to be cont.)

Nov 24, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus first impressions

I finally bought my first android device.. It's an ace plus. I choose this phone because of many reasons:
  - price
  - size
  - software

Price: I could have waited a few days and buy a "better" (i.e. Bigger, s advance) phone but i really currently this size is perfect for me, also if i had the money for the s advance i probably would had the urge to wait for more money to get an s2, because I had both in my hands at the same time and they are like Stan and Pan. I just need to wait for that Jelly Bean update.

Oct 20, 2012

AMD Videocard + HDMI = Green Screen

Recently purchased a cheap (5.5) 3m HDMI cable for my PC to be able to move my monitor further.
For some reason  the screen had to much green, I thought that the cheap HDMI cable was the cause, so I tried to adjust the green channel with AMD VISION Engine Control Center aka CCC, at some degree i was able to correct it but wasn't perfect. I blamed the cheap cable .. there are cables out there for 4x+ the price, but to be honest I wont pay that much for a cable and I'm not sure if worth it, maybe if you're using it for audio too there are some major differences. Anyway, I google'd a bit  and found out that it can be solved with just a few clicks! You just need to change the Pixel Format in CCC:

My Digital Flat-Panels → Pixel Format: the default format for me was YCbCr 4:4:4 I changed it to RGB 4:4:4 (Full RGB) and it was perfect.

I hope this helps you out.

Jul 18, 2012

Breaking News!

No, I don't have something big going on. I just want to tell you that from time to time I wonder why don't we hear about Breaking News' "aftermath"..? Some examples:
- Japanese disaster.. how are they re-covering.. how's their economy surviving..
- BP oil spill.. are they still cleaning it up? ...
- Chilean miners, how the incident affected there the laws for example?.. etc- ..It's a shame that we don't hear much about these incidents anymore, or at least in mainstream media.

Mar 17, 2012

Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix Qualifying - Thoughts

I'm done.. do we even need a race after this qualifying? I'm saying this despite it wasn't the result that I hoped for.

You can check out the official results here.

Don't know why but I'm happy for Grosjean.. maybe because it means that Kimi will have a chance too to show some good pace. The difference between Grosjean and Schumacher was .034 secs.. wow...

I guess if Ferrari would have been a Japan team we would have seen some harakiris there... I'm sorry for Massa I wont be surprised if he wont make the end of the season in the Ferrari.

Feb 2, 2012

AMD A8-3870K makes it past 6GHz with memory at 3505 MHz!

AMD A8-3870K makes it past 6GHz with memory at 3505 MHz!: -

We've seen some pretty darn impressive overclocks out of AMD's trusty A-series processors, but this fresh result certainly tops the list, An overclocker from the HWBOT community by the name of "Christian Ney" looks to have crossed the 6GHz barrier using an A8-3870K APU, and that's with all of its cores enabled.

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