Aug 27, 2013

New puppy in the house: VTR1-25SAT3-128G

I bought another SSD it's a VTR1-25SAT3-128G, so far so good, here's are Crystaldiskmark results:

The results are lower than what I can find on the internet, but I think that is because my fairly old chipset (880G/SB850)..

SSD Secure Erase Performance gain - is it a myth?

I was reading some articles about secure erase and it improves the performance of the SSD's.. so I tried it.
I made a backup with clonezilla of my system SSD mentioned in the previous post and I reran Crystaldiskmark, here are the results:

The only difference between the two runs regarding the SSD was that this time I had more free space because I moved some stuff to my new SSD.

So... read is practically is the same Write is better but maybe because the more free space.. strangely the 4K write/read was better before.
What do you think?

Aug 16, 2013

OCZ Agility 4 64G review after 1 year

I bought this SSD (AGT4-25SAT3-64G) 1 year (+2 days) ago, It's functioning OK, which means I had 0 BSODs or failures..
I'm not much of a benchmark guy and I use this ssd as the system drive so I'm not sure how relevant this benchmark will be, but I made the same benchmark for my "storage" hdd too which is a ST3250820AS.


Seagate HDD:

SSD Boot video #1: clean user: no startup programs

SSD Boot video #2: normal user: many startup programs

Here's a tutorial which I followed when I bought the SSD: THE SSD OPTIMIZATION GUIDE REDESIGNED

Aug 9, 2013

mplayer2 on opensuse from source quick guide

sudo zypper in python3 make gcc autoconf automake libtool yasm freetype2-devel fribidi-devel fontconfig-devel libXv-devel mesa-devel libpulse-devel

cd /tmp && mkdir build && cd build
git clone git://
cd mplayer2-build
make -j`nproc`
cp ./mplayer/mplayer ~/bin/

Aug 8, 2013

Summer cleaning

Being in Macedonia in that hot temps doesn't do any good to my R600 laptop, since I have it (6/xx/09) I didn't clean it.. I mean inside.. The temperature reaching 40°C, makes the CPU and of course the whole thing real hot, in the hotel rooms we have AC but, still I felt that something is wrong because the CPU temp reached 70°C. Currently I'm home and made some time to clean in the inside, honestly I surprised of the lack of dust inside, only the ventilator had some dust inside, but as it turned out that wasn't the main problem, the problem was the bad contact between the cooler and the CPU and the strange contact patch rubber thing between the CPU and cooler, so I bought some thermal paste + removed that rubber thing and we'll see what the sensors will tell when I go back to Macedonia, now it's ~40°C idle.. ~60°C playing a video for ~10 minutes. To the touch is much much better and here at home I don't have AC. Here are some pictures of the inside:

Mocăniţa CFF Vişeu de Sus