Aug 8, 2013

Summer cleaning

Being in Macedonia in that hot temps doesn't do any good to my R600 laptop, since I have it (6/xx/09) I didn't clean it.. I mean inside.. The temperature reaching 40°C, makes the CPU and of course the whole thing real hot, in the hotel rooms we have AC but, still I felt that something is wrong because the CPU temp reached 70°C. Currently I'm home and made some time to clean in the inside, honestly I surprised of the lack of dust inside, only the ventilator had some dust inside, but as it turned out that wasn't the main problem, the problem was the bad contact between the cooler and the CPU and the strange contact patch rubber thing between the CPU and cooler, so I bought some thermal paste + removed that rubber thing and we'll see what the sensors will tell when I go back to Macedonia, now it's ~40°C idle.. ~60°C playing a video for ~10 minutes. To the touch is much much better and here at home I don't have AC. Here are some pictures of the inside:

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