Sep 18, 2009

RCS & RDS lanseaza internetul mobil Digi Net Mobil cu abonamente de pana la 15 lei

Meaning .. our ISP finally launches mobile internet..
I/We already have mobile* from them (+ internet + phone + tv), so no *new* subscription (and other tools - i guess) needed.

Some weeks ago I wanted to buy an usb modem from Orange but I bought a WRT54GL instead.

* the mobile is theoretically a 3G phone.. but only the SIM card is. (meaning no 3G services are available with it, or with other 3G compatible phone)

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  1. La Constanta merge cu o medie de 300 kbps la download. Cei de la suport mi-au spus ca situatia se va imbunatati de luni; nicio schimbare.

  2. They also have 3G phones (my sister has one). You've got the wrong model


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