Jun 26, 2008


I started a thread on desktop-discuss with title "mplayer with sun studio"
I asked them if somebody hacks mplayer to be compilable with sun studio, dennis clarke said that blastwave has it but still not pushed to their repo, ok we asked about the patches, he said that they will pushed to the svn repo too, [...] and he said:

"don't be so whiney about a *free* software package service that tries to *give* you what you need."

if I understand correctly: we do not need the sources, use the software and stfu.

I only wanted to see those patches upstream, my dream is "./configure;make;make install" on solaris without any additional effort.

The funny thing is that in another thread he said:

"I support the open source needs of the Solaris customer."

so, he talks about only the "open source" philosophy not about the actual source, or the patches are not sources or what? don't understand.

PS: I dont like blastwave's repo, but that's another story

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