Apr 21, 2008

Nexuiz On OpenSolaris

I knew nexuiz for a while, to be honest it's not my style, but I need something to play here, so I tried to build it, finally I got it work.. if you are interested "howto" follow me:

So, we need to get nexuiz from here: http://alientrap.org/nexuiz

unzip it:
# unzip nexuiz-24.zip

change the working directory:
# cd Nexuiz/sources/

unzip the engine's source:
# unzip enginesource20080229.zip

# cd darkplaces

now, we need to change some files:
1. open `makefile` with your favorite text editor
add `SHELL=/usr/bin/bash` at the beginning, and if you have installed OSS (opensound system) add `DP_SOUND_API=OSS` I added it after `ifndef DP_MAKE_TARGET`
save & close

2. run this command:
# perl -pi -e 's/\bmodel_t\b/lh_dp_model_t/g' *.c *.h
it will replace the `model_t` function with `lh_dp_model_t`, we need this because `model_t` it's an internal solaris function

3. open `vid_glx.c` comment out line 292:
// vid_usingdgamouse = !!vid_dgamouse.integer;
save & close

4. open `snd_bsd.c`
a) comment out line 95
// break;
b) comment out line 197 and add `SndSys_Shutdown ();`
// SNDDMA_Shutdown ();
SndSys_Shutdown ();

5. now we can compile it:
# gmake cl-nexuiz
it should compile OK.

6. move the data files from Nexuiz to our folder:
# mv ../../data .

7. we can now play!

here are some screenshots:

thanks goes to guys @ #alientrap on irc.anynet.org

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