Mar 25, 2008

Opensolaris Developer Preview 2 ( Indiana ) in VirtualBox on Linux with screenshots

Just tried Indiana in VirtualBox on my "testing" (as in just experimenting with it) Debian.
I installed VirtualBox from svn.
What will i do ?
Install Indiana, configure the network and the audio card.

Well, I set up VirtualBox with NAT, Audio enable, gave 4.5Gigs, 57x RAM, and Mounted Indiana's ISO.
I started it:


It takes some minutes to load:


Now it's up, I choosed the default Keyboard layout (US-English):


After it configures devices, mounted some stuff, it gives a login prompt:
NOTE: Don't log in, it will start the graphical environment automatically.


It's up:)


Now let's install it!
Here's the welcome screen:

Choosing the disk, well being in VirtualBox I added only one disk:


After clicking Next we need to set the Time Zone:


Now let's set up the users:


Carefully verify the settings:


HIT Install !
This will take a while.. depending on you machine of course.


Finally done :happy:


Let's reboot..
You can remove the iso, from VirtualBox because it will boot from it, here's the bootmenu now from the disk drive:


Let's boot in, as before when the prompt comes up don't log in.


Finally let's log in:


Here's the default desktop:


There's no driver for VirtualBox' interface, so we need to get drivers from here we need the 13th "ae driver for AMD am79c97x PCNET ethernet chipset series".
Since we don't have internet connection in VirtualBox we need to create an ISO image with the file in it, I used the following commands:
# mkdir drv
# mv ae-2.6.0a.tar.gz drv/
# /opt/schily/bin/mkisofs -J -R -l -V "driver" -o driver.iso drv/

I rebooted Indiana and mounted it in VirtualBox, and started it, it mounted out ISO automatically so i saw this screen after login:


I clicked on it and dragged the contents to the desktop:


I opened a terminal ( right click on the desktop), and cd'ed into it, and executed the following commands:
# cp i386/ae /kernel/drv/
# ./
# modload ae

Well.. NWAM auto detected it.. but I made a reboot.
Let's test the internet:
NOTE: the 'ping' command not works (maybe a VirtualBox bug)


Great, works:)
As you noticed the speaker icon in the top right is crossed, so let's download the driver from
Select "Solaris 10/11 (x86/AMD64)".
After the download finished I executed the following commands:
# su -
# pkgadd -d oss-solaris-v4.0-1015-i386.pkg

Just hit enter and somewhere you need to type "y".
After it has been installed I made a reboot.
I logged in, now at the top right the speaker isn't crossed it must work!:)
So I downloaded an audio file from my NetBSD powered machine:


Fire up rhythmbox from the menu or use ALT+F2 and write it there and press enter.


It plays, so no driver issues, but I heard some garbage sound, on a real system it must work correctly ( this seems a VirtualBox bug too ).

Well that's it, I hope you enjoyed and you will install at least in VirtualBox ;)

More info about Indiana and OpenSolaris can be found at
VirtualBox' website is here:

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